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About Moe Espinoza

StrangeChat is a chatroom for “passionate individuals who dedicate their lives to the investigation and discussion of the paranormal in pursuit of the TRUTH.
It has four active users.
And it’s just about time to start planning StrangeChat’s First Ever Real Life Meet Up! The dedicated regulars of StrangeChat have only one year before this event… and only one year to sort out their own emotional and supernatural baggage.

I'm Strange (And So Are You) is a webcomic about fringe science, internet friendship, and pursuing The Truth! It has scifi/fantasy fiction elements and tells the story of four teenagers and young adults, all variants of gay, transgender, mentally ill, disabled, Jewish, and non-white, meeting each other and bonding over their very strange, very uncommon common interests. It's hard enough being a young person trying to find your way in the world - but what if you also had to worry about space aliens?

You'll be supporting a comic with a cast of LGBT and non-white characters, as well as an LGBT and non-white artist! In addition to getting that feeling of satisfaction, I use the money kindly donated to me by patrons and commissioners first and foremost to pay for my servers to keep the comic's main site updating, to pay for the production of the comic with tablet and computer repairs and replacements, and to help me be able to bring the comic to you with the peace of mind that I won't be a starving artist. As well, some of the pledges I receive go back into the ether - that is, they enable ME to pledge to OTHER marginalized artists, commission them for work, etc!

Right now, payments are monthly, and I solemnly swear to post at least one substantial post per month in order to justify that. If my situation ever changes, payments will be switched to per update and patrons will be notified!
Content posted here will be things like: early updates for the comic, background and developmental art, and exclusive comics and art not posted elsewhere! For more details, see the patron ranks on the right!

If you choose to become a patron, please know that you have my eternal gratitude and none of this could happen without you!
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