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About Mensutra

The goal of mensutra is evolution of your self to another level. This requires:
- a change in your points of view and perspectives. 
- an addition in your points of view and perspectives. 
- a level of detachment so your self can remain largely unaffected 
- a pathway and plan of action toward stability 
- a plan of action for sustaining security, prosperity, and healthy living. 
- becoming indifferent to and unaffected by sellers of insecurities, imperfections, and consumerism
- rebuilding self esteem by restoring self respect 
- reinvesting in individuality 
- investing in individual happiness, glory, and purposefulness. 

All of these is a mission of Mensutra's life. He is writing books on the same, and continuously invests on the path of solving people's problems and posting them on his channels. 

If Mensutra has helped you in any way, and you want to give back, patreon is a wonderful way to do so. Thank you for supporting mensutra's mission and rewarding his hard work by supporting and donating. 

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