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About Mentor Family

this is Florian, thank you for caring about Mentor Family.

Our Vision:
Every person has access to a personal mentor when they learn a new skill.
We believe that this will significantly increase the learning speed of our society.

The Mentor Family provides personal mentoring for everyone who is motivated to learn.
After a steep learning curve, the mentees will become mentors themselves. This way, they will strengthen their skills and give back to the Mentor Family.

Every Mentor Family member will donate a monthly amount.
The donation is based on what each member can afford and how much (s)he wants to learn.
Mentees will usually pay an amount which is 5-20x smaller than commercial offers.

The donations are used to support and grow the Mentor Family in order to serve as many learners as possible.

In the beginning we focus on mentoring in the areas of
- Programming for beginners
- Advanced Programming: fine-tuning your skills or learning new libraries
- Machine Learning for beginners or advanced practitioners
- Starting your own side business or industry-changing startup
- ... we also offer other skills based on the skills of our mentors

Thank you for supporting our vision with your donation!
Happy learning :)
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You believe that everyone needs a mentor and you want to support our cause with your donation! Thank you so much!
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You help us achieve our vision even faster and you are actively involved within Mentor Family.

Both your mentor and your mentees want to say: Thank you for your donation!

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You have a massive individual impact on improving the learning speed of our society.

Here comes a gigantic Thank You from the whole family for your massive donation!

$0 of $2,500 per month
This is the first magic goal: the life-saver. If we reach this goal, Mentor Family will exist until the end of time.
Therefore: If you help us reach this goal, you are responsible for changing society! Kudos to you and Thank you so much!
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