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About MeraBaid & Karma Yoga Village

I'm a writer, holistic health coach and family and education advocate.

I have a very ambitious idea of what education means, what health means, what family means.

Language is my medium and community is my passion. 

My work is creating words and publications, events and environments as well as helping seekers create the words, works, events and environments that can transform their lives, families and communities.

My biggest goal is to create a Sudbury and Unschooling Learning Center in my area that is wholly inclusive and freedom-based. 

I write on, I'll be making youtube videos and writing books, a zine, curriculum, running retreats and creating a system/community to help others make community projects for family-friendly living.

In addition to that I feel that community cannot truly exist if not in person, so events are paramount to my work.  That is the true purpose of this page to create videos that are wider reaching that in turn will help to create the physical safe spaces that make healthy families and communities possible, through in person events.
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I'm going to lock down a location for the first retreat.

If you can't be there and you contribute at the Elementary Level you will get a livestream ticket. 
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