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Dear Meraklisina Akil Oyunlari subscriber,

Unfortunately, we have to tell you that our magazine Meraklisina Akil Oyunlari, won’t be published anymore due to some problems related to workload and costs.

We decided to pay more attention to new books in different difficulty levels, containing various puzzle types. These books will be published in the coming period.

We have sent the information below to all our subscribers, which we had to delete from this page because funding would continue if we didn't.

As you know, we promised 10 issues in a year but 8 issues have been published in total. People who have paid too much, will be refunded. Refund is only possible via Paypal, so we kindly request you to send your Paypal account to [email protected] . If there are issues that you didn’t receive while you paid, first these issues will be sent to your e-mail address. If we still owe you a refund after sending these issues, the calculated amount will be sent to your Paypal account.

Thanks a lot for your support and your understanding.

Turk Beyin Takimi – Akil Oyunlari

2003 yilindan bu yana yayinlanmakta olan dergimiz Akil Oyunlari'nin iceriginin degismesi, zorluk seviyesinin artik bazi takipcilerimizi tatmin etmemesine neden oldu. Bu nedenle dijital Meraklisina Akil Oyunlari dergisi projesini baslattik.
Meraklisina Akil Oyunlari, Sudoku, Amiral Batti, Apartmanlar, Tapa gibi 150'ye yakin zor seviyede oyun icermektedir.
Dijital dergi Turkce, Ingilizce ve Ispanyolca olarak PDF formatinda, sadece abonelerimiz icin bu sayfada yayinlanacaktir.

Meraklisina Akil Oyunlari dergimizin ornek sayisini buradan PDF olarak indirebilirsiniz.

Patreon sayfamizdan dergiye abone olmak icin izlemeniz gereken adimlari Turkce olarak okumak icin buraya tiklayiniz.

Aboneliginiz baslamadan once yayinlanan, kacirdiginiz sayilari, Paypal hesabina ödeme yaparak satin alabilirsiniz. [email protected] /* */ mail adresine hangi sayilari istediginizi yazarsaniz, size odeme hakkinda bilgi verilecektir. 

Some of you already know us from our puzzle magazine 'Akil Oyunlari' which we have been publishing for years. We noticed that the difficulty level of our puzzles is not high enough for the real puzzle pro's and that's exactly why we launched 'Meraklisina Akil Oyunlari'. 
'Meraklisina Akil Oyunlari' is an online puzzle magazine which contains almost 150 puzzles like Sudoku, Battleship, Skyscraper, Tapa, extra large puzzles like Slitherlink and other extremely difficult puzzles from different countries, only for pro's.
The issues are being published in PDF format, in Turkish, English and available monthly on this page, only for our patrons (subscribers).

If you want, you can take a look at our sample issue.

You can buy the issues that you have missed (the ones published before you started subscribing) by making a payment with Paypal. Please send an e-mail to [email protected] /* */ to tell us which issues you would like to buy, so that we can send you information about the payment. 

Schedule / Takvim: 

$0 of $1,000 per month
If we reach 400 subscribers, we will start publishing a printed version of the magazine.
400 aboneye ulastigimizda dergiyi basili olarak yayinlamaya baslayacagiz. 
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