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You can help me buy some basic stuff, like fruits and veggies, or art supplies. 
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If you like my art, and support my work, then this is perfect exchange for you. 
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This can help me boost my confidence even more and help me get even better conditions to create more for you. 




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About MermaidPrincess

I am a heart and soul based artist bringing more peace, love and joy that reside in all of us. 

My art is expression of my own growth and connection with nature and life, it is part of my soul integration, finding balance and harmony within my own life. 

My intention is to spread more purity and lightness into this world from my true core authentic self that can heal, uplift others, and bring them more awareness and as well pleasure and beauty, and even greater creative expression that can inspire and open others to do same from their own divine spark. 
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I plan to take my art to another level with more depth, serenity, more freedom in expression, and I will be able to do that easier with the help of others, with right support, that will help me provide for a different and healthier lifestyle.
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