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About (Me)shach Jackson

First, thank you.
I was an aspiring artist since my teens, and struggled to find a way to support myself while making things since then. I built a career in technology 'on the side', to support my music and travel habits, and in 2014, I made a leap of faith. Again.

After many ups and downs in music and business, art and life... I made a decision. I had waited long enough. It was time to put everything I had into making music, and into fulfilling a life of making things that mattered to me. I closed my web development company after 5 years in business, dramatically scaled down my possessions, and have lived out of suitcases and sublet apartments for years now to give myself the best chance at a good start down a path that has for so long called my name.

Your immediate support was overwhelming. And the experience has been better than I could have imagined. For your part, you came to shows, bought T-Shirts, requested cover songs, downloaded singles, and even took me into your homes with incredible generosity. 

Since then, I have taken many tours around the country (5 on Amtrak, and now in my car), I've written dozens of new songs, and I've worked on incredible projects with inspiring artists from all over the place. My path has taken me from music to film, comedy, politics, and beyond. I have worked on film crews in Fargo, North Dakota, and in abandoned subway stations underground in New York. I've played private shows in picturesque vineyards, and in first grade classrooms. I won at open mic contests. I've bombed at open mic contests.

Unlike with my career in technology, where one new skill leads to a new job, which leads to a new skill... I've learned that creative fields tend to thrive on a wide variety of skills and influences. Therefore as a creative freelancer, you build your career on the back of thousands of small projects which lead to other, bigger ones.

Which is what brings me to Patreon, and the exciting new way that myself, and other creatives can build a career around these projects as we make them, and give them directly to you, the Patron.

Through Patreon, I now have a way to provide new projects, releases, and products directly to you as I work on them, and offer you all kinds of exclusive access and swag to say thanks for your support.

And finally... I could not have done any of this without you, so for that I say again sincerely, Thank You.

- (Me)shach


What's In It For You?

So much. I'm transitioning to Patreon with full-force, and I'm working every day on new content to release directly to this page. Here's just the starting list of things I'm creating for Patrons.
  • A 91-day journal of my 2015 train tour around the country. This is my daily journal which includes all sorts of stories, thoughts, names, places, and experiences I had on my full-summer trip with my guitar, too much gear, and a journal.
  • Unreleased Original Music. I have already pre-loaded several weeks worth of videos containing unreleased original songs. I'll be writing new songs, recording demos, and making videos for weekly release exclusively on Patreon.
  • Live Video Streams. I'll be doing monthly streams of living room shows, Q&A sessions, guitar / voice / songwriting lessons, and even collaboration sessions for whatever you're creating.
  • Merch Boxes. As I grow my online store, and add new merchandise to sell, I'll send out boxes of new products, complete with treats like USB jump drives full of music and archived footage of shows from around the country.
So check out the Tiers to the right, and the current Goal on the left, and join me in a life full of art, exploration, and lots and lots of music.

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