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If you pledge $20 per month, even for just one month, I will post a portrait of you in your preferred media and style, and make an online copy of it accessible to you if you contact me on my Instagram account @mesophil

If you would like to only pledge to receive a portrait and then not pledge for further months, simply cancel your pledge after the first month, and you will only pay $20 total for your portrait :)




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About Philip Meeson

Hi, My name is Phil and I love creating art for people! I've set up this Patreon account so anyone who wants to contribute to my art is able to in an easy way :)

With the 20 dollar pledge, if you want a portrait drawn you can pledge, i'll draw you, and at the beginning of next month when the money is payed you can cancel your pledge to pay for just your piece or continue to support my art if you like, at the same pledge or whatever you feel comfortable with :)
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I would love to see that I can actually make some money through my art, and this will be an insentive to do more!
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