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About Messianic Dance Camps International

Hello and Shalom!
    We have been traveling around the world with our ministry as a family for 20 years, and now by teaming with you, we hope to have a greater presence globally by offering 100's of new and worshipful dances, available at the touch of a button! Several different tiers of monthly support for this ministry offer you exciting ways to be a part of this endeavor. We are very blessed and hopeful to have more influence through our ministry with your support and prayers!   
     Mindy is a skilled choreographer, and has created two~hundred dances that are being utilized within the Messianic movement and elsewhere. She, together with her husband Ralph, developed the television show Come Join The Dance for God’s Learning Channel in 2013. Mindy currently resides in Southern Nevada, hosts dance camps around the country and the world, trains up new dance leaders, and leads dancing tours to Israel - meeting with the Believers and ministering together there in the land. Recently, Mindy has been working on the Songs of the Rabbi Davidic dance teaching series. She has been ministering in Messianic worship through dance for three decades and is a Jewish believer in Yeshua her Jewish Messiah, and His Father the God of Israel. Because she has witnessed first-hand how the Lord has used this medium of worship through dance to accomplish His purposes of healing, Mindy is currently pursuing her doctrinal studies, with a cognate in Traumatology and Community Dance.
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Thank you again, and blessings to you,
Ralph and Mindy Seta
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Hello and Shalom!

We believe that we are being called to go into the Messianic and Jewish communities in Israel and abroad with the ministry of worship through dance. The foundation of this ministry has always been to meet the need of the believers and ministers living in the land of Israel with our love, support, and encouragement. Over the past two decades, we have been delivering this message through the vehicle of worshiping through dance with thousands of individuals who share this vision.

Now, with our ties to Israel and the believers becoming stronger, we trust that it is now time to go into and be a light in the Jewish communities at home and abroad. And we need your help to accomplish this goal and distribute this new Israeli dance project - Aliyah: To Welcome the Holiness of Israel. One way that you can help this ministry to bring the holiness back to the Israeli dance is by joining us on this Patreon platform, through which you can be an ongoing supporter of the ministry. Any pledge that you make is a huge blessing to this ministry, and if you choose to pledge at one of the tiers, you will receive a free copy of our new "Aliyah" DVD project. In addition, we are creating new Israeli dances every month, and when you join a tier, you will get exclusive access to these new dances!

This new DVD project, "Aliyah: To Welcome the Holiness of Israel," features 10 new Israeli dances with songs by the Israeli, musical group Miqedem, whose lyrics are from the Tenach (Old Testament). We pray that this new project will bless and encourage you! This project is unique in that it will not be for sale - it will be available only to those who support this ministry, in order that we may give them away to bless the Israeli and Jewish community at large.

We strongly believe that we are to influence and make a greater impact in the Jewish community. We hope that you will partner with us to restore the holiness of Israeli dance in the Jewish communities, and "To Welcome the Holiness of Israel!"

Thank you, and blessings to you,
Ralph and Mindy Seta
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