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If you are curious to see what I’m creating in the Messy Jesse Studio, and want a peek behind the scenes, then this is the tier for you! I’ll give you sneak peeks at what I’m creating, take you behind the scenes into my process, and you’ll be the first to hear about any new creations.

  • Sneak peek photos and videos of what I’m creating
  • Videos, meditations & other goodies from the paintings
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  • Be the first to hear about any new creations
  • 10% discount in the online shop on art prints, readings and more
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If you love my art, want to support me as an artist, and desire to collect some of the pieces you most love, then this is the tier for you! This is where I will be sharing pure ART, with the stories behind it. You will receive digital downloads, and even prints in the mail (signed by yours truly, of course).

You get everything included in Hang out in the Studio PLUS...

  • Art print of your choice, signed and mailed to you (monthly)
  • Intuitive readings with the paintings
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What if… There is no “Wrong” Way to Do Life?!

What if… you actually couldn’t get it “wrong” – anything that seemed “wrong” or “messy” was actually divinely perfect and exactly what your soul needed to evolve and grow?

What if… the only “right” way is your way, the way that feels best to you, the way that resonates with you, the way of your truth, your knowing?

Practicing intuitive art has taught me that there truly is no “right” way to do it and even the biggest MESS can turn into a beautiful MASTERPIECE. When you surrender and go with the flow of you, you can’t get it wrong because there is no “wrong” way to be you.

The TRUTH is, I am perfect just the way I am – messes and all! And so are you. It doesn’t matter how your experience looks to anyone else, because it can’t be measured by anyone else’s standards. It is your experience, and you get to decide what it means for you. Learning to love yourself just as you are, especially when you feel like a mess, is the key to a happy life that inspires others and makes the world a better place.

So messes and imperfection are welcome here at the Messy Jesse Studio, and the only “right” way is your way, as messy as it might be… You are invited to just be YOU in this space and to use the artwork and other tools and resources here to enrich your life & self-exploration in whatever way is perfect for you.

Let’s love our messes like they are masterpieces in disguise!
(Because really, they are!)

I am excited to share my artwork and other gifts and skills with you, my fans and patrons. Join my exclusive community to play with me in the Studio and get access to goodies like:

  • downloadable (and printable) artwork
  • intuitive readings
  • interviews with paintings
  • behind the scenes videos
  • guided meditations & art journeys
  • nature photography (from beautiful British Columbia!)
  • light language transmissions and songs
  • and more!

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If you're brand new to Patreon: it's a membership site platform for creatives like me, that helps us get to create AND get paid for it. It's all thanks to fans and patrons like you, who pay a small (or large) amount each month in exchange for various goodies that are created. You choose how much you pay, and you get to be part of making it all happen!

All funds raised here on my Patreon page will go to pay for my living expenses such as rent and food, so that I can keep making art and playing with you here in the virtual studio.

I'm so excited to share and play with you in this way. Thank you so much for being here, for cheering me on and supporting me in this work!

I love you!
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When I reach 10 patrons, I will create an intuitive painting just for my patrons.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 21 exclusive posts

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