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About Metagamers

Hey There!
My name is Rick Daino but you might know me better as just Rick from metagamers. Way back in 2003 metagamers launched as a console gaming website and over the years has expanded to cover not only games but also technology. I started the website and soon after YouTube channel out ofmy personal passion for games and tech. The intent has been simple since day one: Be Honest, Fair, Thorough and Accurate in all that I do.

Doing the YouTube thing since 2006!
Hard to believe I know but the metagamers YouTube channel has been alive, kicking and cranking out videos for 8 years now! I've covered video games, the Electronics Entertainment Expo and what many of you are familiar related items and mobile accessories. Through my videos and website I have helped countless amounts of people make educated decisions on the products and services that they purchase and use.

So how does this patreon thing help?
We have an awesome community of metagamers (thats you), and I want to be able to do even more to enhance your experience. 

With patreon you are able to donate on a monthly basis anything from $1 on up which will really help me to make these things a reality.

So what if I DON'T contribute?
I understand that it is not possible for everyone to contribute/donate and I am totally cool with that. For metagamers, nothing will change - I will keep making videos, posting on the website and responding to your questions.

So what if I DO contribute?
If you have found value in what metagamers provides and you donate, you not only have my gratitude but also are helping to shape the future of metagamers through your generous contribution.

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