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Over the last three years, I've been given the incredible chance to share my work with people across the world. With the support of many, I've been able to develop my abilities as a musician and have experiences I never could have dreamed of.

Now I want to take things to the next level, and not only improve my videos, but also give you guys the chance to get involved in my channel in a new way; from creating more engaging videos to upgrading my equipment and virtual instruments; from giving you guys the chance to come up with a character, theme or episode you want me to focus on in my next song, to, eventually, creating an album with you guys based on your votes; from upgrading my computer for better music making to performing a private Livestream concert that would give me the chance to connect with all of you. Support through Patreon will help me immeasurably, but I also want to give back to you guys for everything you've given me the chance to experience.

Thank you so much for taking a look over my page! Let's make some music.
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Thank you so much! If we manage to hit the song vote amount, you will be able to suggest a song idea for the eventual voting!
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Thank you so, so much for your support! I want to thank you; I will send you a download code for the Second Chances album and, when it is eventually released, the Patreon Album!
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I want to meet you, whoever you are. I will add you to a special "Convention Group" on Skype so that, next time I go to a convention you're attending, we can all meet up for dinner! You will also get a copy of the digital Second Chances album and Patreon Album (when it comes out), of course!
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Every musician needs equipment, and mine is starting to look its age. If I reach this goal than I will be using the funds I receive from my videos to get a better mic, studio headphones, and other equipment to replace my current, older models.
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