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You'll receive everything from the previous tier and all episodes early (whenever editing is complete) as well as access to our special Patron-only podcast (The Patriot Club). This show is where the cast of Metal Gear Mondays tackles non-Metal Gear games and various topics twice a month. 

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- You'll be able to suggest EXTRA-OP topics once a month via a special Patreon post. We'll try to save a backlog of these topics to ensure that we eventually cover them all. 

- You'll be in a select group given heads-up on special guests. We'll ask you for your questions ahead of the interview, and you'll get a special shout-out on those episodes when we ask your question.

- You'll periodically be used as a test group on pilot material.

- You'll be the first to receive access to MGM Let's Play videos.

- You'll be able to suggest OUTER-OPS topics each season. OUTER-OPS are our new Listener Response episodes—we'll be dividing them in half, now. Part of the show will be reading responses, but part will be discussing a topic, determined by you, at length. We'll only choose one topic an episode, but we will backlog suggestions and try to touch on them all.
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About Metal Gear Mondays

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Metal Gear Mondays is a semi-comedic book-club style podcast experiment hosted by friends charting the entirety of the iconic Metal Gear video game series and the extended body of work of its creators, producers, and contributors. 

Started by a small group, the podcast is co-hosted by Alessio Summerfield and Sam Wright and features a 50/50 dynamic of two members who have experience with the titles and two members who are coming to these games absolutely blind. We share our break-down of each title's development history, gameplay, and story through a chapter-by-chapter discussion. 

Started as a modest idea for filling a void that was seen in the available podcasts on the market, the show has now grown to encompass over 100 individual episodes, 200+ hours of content, and several very special guests (including, but not limited to, Cam Clarke, Jeremy Blaustein, Donna Burke, and more). Your contributions (no matter how small) would go a long way to allowing the show to mature and continue. 

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts! The show has continued this long because of the fans. We cannot show our appreciation for your support enough.

You can follow along via FacebookTwitterTeespring, or Instagram! The website can be found here
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Each month we'll be able to snag a new piece of gear to help make the show sound better than ever. Achieving this tier also means that we can now afford to cover all game and movie purchases for the entire cast of the show, instead of always going out of pocket. 

Thank you so much for your support! 
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