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About Metal Trenches is all about free promotion for metal and metal-related projects both underground and above. Send links, promos, and especially bandcamp codes to [email protected] Bands never pay for reviews (though some choose to send merch and CD's at times). We don't do tabloid drama, we don't do diss reviews, we don't do intrusive ads, we don't pay for clicks, and we are also staunchly anti-piracy. What you'll get with us is always great new music to explore, the cheapest means to get good music legitimately, and at worst, constructive criticism. We are all about the bands and the fans.

With all of the sites out there, I understand the question "why pay you for something I can get for free?"  Well, you can.  I will continue doing this regardless until I either no longer have time or it stops being fun.  However, I do have a full time job and a family, and keeping up with this project takes time.  I am dedicated to listening to at least part of every album that comes my way, and it is important to me to share them with you.  I'm less a writer and reviewer than someone to get down in the "trenches" if you will, sift through the massive amount of material for you, and come back with the best metal music out there.

So if you have even a dollar to spare a month, it says that you appreciate the service I provide and want to keep it ad free and untainted.  To put it into perspective, at the time of this writing our FB page has over 2000 followers.  If every one of those people gave even 50 cents a month from their couch or car, that puts $1000 back into site improvements as well as potential of camera and audio equipment for future podcasts and/or video features.
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If everyone who goes to the site and Likes the FB page gave 50 cents, I could pass this goal easily.  $500 would allow me to get new audio equipment and cover subscriptions to improve the Trench Talk Podcast.
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