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What am I up to now?
Currently, I'm a full time painter and illustrator - one of the few non-starving artists, so I must be doing something right! I spend my spare time as an EA Game Changer for The Sims 4. Over the course of 2019, I will be building a robust illustration portfolio and in-depth Sim content.

How does subscribing help? 
Support from every tier will be accepted with gratitude and used responsibly to pay for basic living expenses and to replenish/restock tools of the trade so that I may spend maximum time creating content and building my portfolio.

What tools do I use? (illustration followed by painting)
Copic Markers: It took me a long time to slowly build my collection of Copics. I started with (6) Ciaos and worked my way up to a couple of hundred Ciaos, Sketches, Classics, and Wides. Something worth noting is the Wides are highly under rated and very expensive/difficult to find.

Brush Pens (ink): I've worked with a lot of brush pens, trying to find which brush pen has the highest quality and which brush pen is the most versatile, because those factors are not synonymous. What I've found is for quality, the Cambio brush pen is the obvious choice, but for versatility, the Pentel brush pen in light black is my choice for sure. The light black is compounding in color layers but not so intense that the marks are harsh.

Liners: Liners are hit or miss and I think they're the most subjective tools for illustrators. I use Copic Markers very often, and as a result, I use Copic Liners because they don't bleed or smudge when the marker runs over them. Most of these liners are pretty solid and you can't really go wrong with them, but I do tend to use Copic a little more than the others.

Brush Pens (water): I've tested a hand full of water brush pens. Basically, I just stick with the medium and fine tipped Pentel though I will occasionally use the A10 piston. Now and again, the Pentel will begin to run a little heavy for my uses - I should post a video showing how to maintain that. I feel as though this pen is underutilized. I often use it for acrylic paints and most often for the Copic White. I've learned to use tools outside of their intended "purposes" and it's been incredibly freeing as a creator.

Inks: There are a lot of inks out there. Let me tell you, the Sumi Ink is incredible. It dries so quickly, it covers so completely, and it's not heavy. Liquitex has some awesome colors. I'm unsure I can recommend one over the other (from this image) at this point. I feel as though they are all pretty decent and can be applied differently.

Copic White: This stuff is powerful. If you use Copic and you aren't using Copic's "Opaque White" - you need to snag a bottle. It took my work to another level.

Pencils: I only use these two pencils. The lead holder was one of the best investments in my collection. The Koh-I-Noor lead holder is very heavy - the weight is really nice, and I'm a sucker for ugly mustard yellow.

Sketching Pen: This pen... I love this pen. Order a box of them off of Amazon. Pilot's "The Better Ballpoint Pen" in fine. It's smooth, it's strong, it's comfortable, and it's a work horse. I go through boxes of these things. I do more sketching with this pen than with pencils.

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