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Welcome to patreon, my community of supporters, where each gives a little to support the creation of videos, videos that will stay around for years to come, inspire other girls and boys to take up drums, spreads joy around the globe, helps someone forget their troubles, and ripple the wonders of music and drumzz into everyday life.

Whether you’re supporting me for $5 or $100, YOU are AWESOME. and I LOVE YOU.

I’ve been shooting drum videos now for about a decade, with over 200 million YT views I was “internet famous” but real life broke. I tried a lot of different things to be able to keep making videos all with the help of my true enablers - YOU! with the support of my fans through Kickstarter I was able to produce two original albums - I got a real taste of the music industry, and one decision after the other and without realizing it at the time, has brought me here, into my own independent hub of creation.

It’s a small but hhhamazing group who make it possible for me to do what I do, and in return they get the inner scope on all things meytal. they are my most cherished inner circle and I would personally LOVE it if you joined to virtually say - hey, I dig.

I respond to all messages on this platform, so drop a note to say hii :-)




Q: How many videos do you release per month?
A: Typically 2-3 new videos per month. You can set a monthly maximum so you never go over your budget , and still get access to all the videos just because you are that awesome!

Q: Can I stop pledging in the future?

A: Yes of course! You can log in to change or cancel your pledge whenever you want.

Q: Can I make a one-time pledge to support you?

A: yup!

Q: I have a question about your patreon, who can i contact?

A: you can shoot an email to contact at meytalcohen dot com and we'll get you sorted!
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You're supporting my career. it’s a big deal and I really appreciate you! as the awesome few who are making it ALL possible you get:

  • Early access to all new Drum Covers
  • Live stream when shooting a new Drum Cover
  • Access to Patreon feed + Facebook group for Patrons-only!
  • Personal Thank you message - upon signing up as an official Silver Meytal Patron, I will personally message you to say THANKS for being one of my favorite people in the whole world. 
  • Access to over +200 Patron-only posts since 2017 (digital downloads, bonus photos & videos and unreleased footage!). 
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You are serious ppl, and are doing a great job at keeping it real. I appreciate you! this tier includes:
  • Drums-only video for each new Drum Cover released!
  • Access to all unreleased drum-only videos since March '17

* includes all previous rewards: Early access to all videos, Behind The Scenes photos & videos downloads, Live streams & access to the private Facebook group + Patron Feed! 

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You're a pita pocket filled with sunshine! You will get an exclusive Limited-Edition Thank You Postcard shipped to your door with every new video release, shot before, during, or after the sweaty occasion, and marked with the name video/date and some personal message from yours truly. 

* includes all previous rewards: All Drums Only vids, All BTS + unreleased vids & photos, Early access to all videos, Live streams & access to the private Facebook group + Patron Feed!

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