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-Access to the patron only feed here and on my (eventual, hopefully, because of people like you) website.
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-Membership in the book club!
-Access to the patron only feed here and on my (eventual, hopefully, because of people like you) website.




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About M. G. Finley

Thank you!

First, thank you for visiting my Patreon page! This means you have at least thought about supporting me and no matter what you came in with, at least leave with the knowledge that I am committed to creation.


Let's get down to discussing what I do! I have a novel vision concerning creativity. My ideas are about accessibility, beauty, and storytelling. If one reads something I have written and does not come away at least satisfied (at best incensed) then I have failed. I write philosophical essays, short stories, and create photoshop art. I tend to focus on the surreal, the magical, the harsh, the difficult, and the dark. That is where the truths are and I hope that you will agree. My goal is to write and write alone. I write one essay every two weeks, create an art piece once a week, and write short stories occasionally. I will never publish something to the readers that is not of quality that I consider acceptable. My writings will hopefully be entertaining, thoughtful, fun, and revelatory.

You can see all my posts and content at my website: http://avolumeonlife.wordpress.com/.

Your Pledges

My content is free. You are not paying for my content. If you pledge on Patreon you are making a commitment because you want to support what I do and help me justify spending as much time as I truly want to spend doing it and perfecting it. That said, I encourage you to pledge and check out the rest of Patreon to see other artists. We are a community that is filled with ideas and passion, but at times it becomes difficult without support. If you pledge, I thank you so much, from the deepest parts of me. You are truly amazing and I do this for the principles that you stand for. For art.


I want your funding to mean more than that, though. I want to breed enjoyment for my readers and for my patrons, but as we reach milestones you can see that I want my own website where I can create a patrons only section and provide content for you. It will have drafts, forums for discussion, and I will be available there. But I also want a blog, discuss literature, philosophy, and ultimately to support other writers and thinkers; this a community that I hope will begin with your support and end with me supporting you.


This could be nothing about me or it could be all about me. I'm not sure yet. Either way, you probably want to know what to expect. I began creating stories when I was eight, with whatever I could find. Video games were lame (until the N64 was released) and so imagination was something we all still possessed. I cultivated a passion for reading and writing when I was very young but didn't always have the words to say what I wanted. That passion for stories, however, is serving me well now.

I have been writing seriously for about seven years. I translate "seriously" to mean distributing stories to people and attempting to be published. I have had limited success in that regard although I have been published once. Much of this is due to time constraints. I have had other responsibilities simultaneous with my writing and study, namely law school, in which there is money to be made in jobs that don't exist, and undergraduate earlier, majoring in subjects in which there is no money in jobs that don't exist.

I have an interest in the surreal, in magical realism, and the truths about reality that can only come from stories that could never take place. I stretch reality just enough to test what we believe and make us wonder about it's application to our lives. The worlds I want to create are bizarre, new, and wholly unbelievable. Although, perhaps the good ones are believable. I hope to take you to these places and we can learn together. I am inspired by Jorge Borges, Andre Breton, Franz Kafka, Flann O'Brien, Thomas Pynchon, James Joyce, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Paulo Coelho, and many more amazing artists, that I hope to respect with my own writing.

You can see some of my short work here: http://www.readwave.com/matthewfinley14/

At any rate, I have this passion to create, to sit in rooms, at desks, shut down, with my thoughts and a pen drawing stories with words. The satisfaction and comfort that comes from that endeavor cannot be found anywhere else in my life. So to have a platform on which I can be supported to pursue what I love more fully and excel is incredible.

Thank you, friends! Thank you Patreon! I hope you enjoy what I do. If so, spread the word. Art forces people to talk and discuss. I urge you to do so with me or people you know. That is how we change each other! Happy reading!

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