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If you haven't heard my music before, you can listen to a few tracks if you go here, come back please, your input is valuable to me.

Hey Everyone!

My name is Mike Garza, I'm a Music Producer from Fresno, CA. I'm more of an Entrepreneur than a Music Producer, but this platform was built more towards the music spectrum for me. I'll most likely blog about some projects outside of music from time to time that will make this business grow. I've been creating music for over 10 years on and off, but now I'm pursuing this full time and trying to create a career out of this. The music I make comes from an Era of Hip-Hop that's from another dimension... In other words, I can make music that can be appreciated, or at least I'd hope. My taste in R&B is pretty unique as I like to bring a diverse sound to the table. I also venture off into other genres when I'm bored, but this is very rare so I may drop a track when this happens.

Aside from the music, I do like to make merchandise for my fans to show their appreciation. I can cook up designs as fast as I can make a beat... which takes a while, but you get what I mean. So from time to time, I will have some Special/Limited Edition Merchandise for both MikeGarzaOnTheTrack & MyMusicShowcase! 

MyMusicShowcase is an Internet Radio Podcast I'm creating that consists of 1-hour playlists of the music I listen to that gives me the inspiration to make the tracks you hear from me today. This is just my take on the show, I will have other curators to host other episodes to keep everything fresh as we build. Of course, this will build into something I want more though, like having a real radio station! 

For all of my patrons, I will be making: Music - both beats for artists and instrumentals for those of you who like music without lyrics, Music Videos - Behind the beat videos and visual instrumental videos (special projects) and possibly some show pilots I want to work on, Instrumental EP's, Merchandise, and 1-hour Music Showcase Podcast Episodes, with occasional side goals to help build this business. I will also ask for your opinions on my music with Special Patron Posts so we can all build a track together, as a team!

As time goes on and we begin to build, I will add to the list of awesome things we are going to bring to all of you. I'm really excited to see what we can bring to the table as a team. Until then, let's make some classics!
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