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About Mi77er

Hey guys, it's Felipe.

I'm the guy behind the MI77ER or MI-77-ER (Pronounced Miller) project. Mi77er is an emotionless robot I've been working on who is the main thing behind all my music. This is why the alias is MI77ER. Each section of the name represents a significant part of MI77ER. MI stands for Michigan, where he is being developed, 77 is my lucky number which I thought would be fitting to include in his ID tag, and ER for Emotionless Robot.

Currently Mi77er is working on a cover of Owl City's Ocean Eyes album and a few extra songs. We are also working on getting enough support to do live shows at some point. So all the support you guys give me will go to developing Mi77er, the album and the live shows to come.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to be seeing you around soon!
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