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About Free Writing Events

My name's Mica Scotti Kole, and I curate the Free Online Writing Events Calendar, which I post about on Twitter as @writevent. In order to compile and promote free online events and games for writers, I spend part of each month researching, publishing, and promoting the events on Twitter and over newsletter. It is my hope that these efforts can strengthen the online author community, and give more opportunities to those who can't afford entry fees. I am also a freelance developmental editor, and I keep my costs lower than the standard rate for this same reason. In addition, I am the founder, host, and co-organizer of the annual #Write4Life fundraising event. For the cost of one coffee per month, you can help support what I do. Thank you!

Each tier of my Patreon is listed to the right of this message, in the sidebar. I won't usually reach out directly to offer the prizes, so if you want to make use of one, then feel free to contact me anytime at micaskole AT gmail. I'd love to help you out with your work!
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