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Too often, “Christian writer” means squeaky-clean, gutless, preachy, and bland. I want to change that. I write to push boundaries, to talk about things others might be afraid to touch. To promote freedom in art and creativity in faith.

Sometimes my words are written for the Christian market, sometimes the general populace. Sometimes I write fantasy, sometimes not. Sometimes an epic, sometimes flash fiction. But the goal is always to put art above messages, to write good stories rather than safe ones, and to make people laugh along the way.

But every good book needs editing, cover art, marketing, and more. That’s why I opened this Patreon account, to offset the costs of writing and produce quality books at a faster rate for your enjoyment.

At the $2 tier, you get a say in the process. I'll share behind-the-scenes stuff, early chaps, all kinds of preview content and you'll get first say on what's awesome, what's stupid, and what you'd love to see. At $5 and beyond, your patronage will earn you free books when they come out. But even at the $1 mark, you'll get a thanks in every acknowledgements section, an e-book for you to enjoy, and exclusive Patron access. 

I'm Michael A. Blaylock, fan of words, lists, and Oxford commas. Welcome to my Patreon. Let's make stuff! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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