Michael B. Maine

is creating photography and visual media exploring social equity and idenity
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About Michael B. Maine

Hey there and thank you so much for your support! Because of you, I am able to continue exploring various social issues through documentary and conceptual photography and mixed media. My goal is to create work encourages people to withhold judgment long enough to invite deeper empathy, relationships, celebration, and love across differences.

Who Am I

I am a socially engaged creative, extremely curious about social systems. I'm most alive when learning from and with others in individual or small groups. I love that people often share with me things they haven't admitted to even themselves yet. I work to see beauty and dignity in everybody and everything. I create work around issues that keep me up at night. I am interested in learning more about the lived experiences of people.

What is Patreon and why am I here?

According to them, “Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for creators to get paid.” That’s true, but I see it as much more than that. I’ve been thinking about how to best go about this for a few years now, and I finally decided to join Patreon because the platform allows me to more easily build stronger, meaningful relationships with the people who most care about me, the issues, and the work I’m producing, without annoying the people who don’t.

Where does the money go?

Your contributions help pay for the collaboration, tools, materials needed to produce high-quality work.

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