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About Mikhail Davydenko

We are a group of people that took a part in creation of Halo Anniversary for Microsoft and Quake Champions for ID Software. We decided to create our own project based on the Unreal Engine 4 and currently it is at the prototyping stage.

You can follow the development process through the online broadcast at 08-00 UTC+3
Twitch channel https://www.twitch.tv/michael_family
Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/michaelfamily

Different Characters.
Before the game starts, you have the opportunity to choose the character for which you want to play the game. Each character has its own biography, and based on it will have its own peculiarities and shortcomings, which will allow to pass or not (the main character can die) the plot in its own way inherent only to this character.

Open World. Full of events and mysteries. You can travel anywhere and as you like. You as the protagonist will have to plunge into this and make decisions in different situations, which will entail irreversible consequences for which you will have to bear responsibility. So, decisions need to be taken carefully and weighed.

Nonlinearity of the plot. Game plot will be divided into as many progress branches as possible. Factors affecting the branching of the plot: type of character that you have chosen, state of the character (both physical and psychological), sequence of decisions you have chosen and so on.

The process of survival. You will have to monitor the vital signs and health status of the character you have chosen - sleep, hunger, physical condition, mental state, etc. It is not necessary to keep these indicators at the maximum, but we must bear in mind that some solution to the plot will simply not be available to you in view of physical fatigue, due to hunger or lack of sleep, as the cause of the psychic instability of the character. But this does not mean that you will not have any other choice - you just have to look for other ways out of the situation. It is up to you.


The project is creating on pure enthusiasm and there is no financing.

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