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ThinkGreen. I Am Michael Green. I have spent many years as a multimedia internet artist, selling GIF's on Ebay, trolling in Second Life for a year, & making PizzaGate art high on BrainForce pills. It has been a wild journey. My work has always pushed boundaries, and has been subject to controversies. More recently, I have undergone a profound political & spiritual awakening. It has led me on to this new path. I was a liberal my entire life until late 2016, until I had an epiphany, and since, the path of speaking my mind has been challenging, but rewarding. And late 2017, under heavy duress from a series of personal tragedies, I underwent a spiritual awakening that changed my life forever and the way I perceive the fabric of reality itself. ThinkGreen will explore issues that will challenge ideological principles, while exploring the bigger picture of our place in the cosmos. This is the process towards awakening from the Sheeple Programming.

   We Live In a Matrix Created By The Great Programmer. The Program Has Been Hijacked By Demon Assassins. There are Spirit Angels To Guide You. The Purpose Of Life Is To Reach Your Higher Self.

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