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About Michael Noker

Hi! I'm Michael Noker. I'm a writer, YouTuber, and designer in El Paso, Texas. I've been creating content for about a year now - and doing it full-time for about four months (and doing a good job at it for about a month). I write about LGBTQ issues, run the Single AF dating advice podcast, make videos for the This is Why I'm Single comedy series, and create funny t-shirts and greeting cards under the name Anthrapologist. 

I originally learned about the power of humor and comedy while I was working for a battered women's shelter. Every day, I listened to the stories of the women and children who were staying in the shelter and helped them plan the next chapters of their stories accordingly. When I went through it myself, I tried to keep my sense of humor. I continue that tradition of survival, years later, in my day-to-day life, even when there's not much to laugh at. 

I started this Patreon page on October 26, 2016. I was enjoying my last evening of freedom before working 5 days straight as an Uber driver so that I could (hopefully) pay rent come November 1. I was kicking and screaming my way through the worst toothache of my life and recovering from the flu at the time. I wanted desperately to reach out to everybody and cry for help, but then I realized that even if people wanted to give me money, they didn't really have a way to do it. Do I send them a PayPal invoice? Direct them to buy thousands of dollars worth of t-shirts so I can make my royalties? 

I don't know how far Patreon will take me, but I know that whether it pays for a glass of water or funds me so strongly as a creator that I never have to worry about driving for Uber again, I'll be happy to know that someone out there believed in me strongly enough to support my efforts and had a laugh while they were at it. 
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