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Don't give to this. Give at MediaRevolt.org. That's where any money this thing would generate would go to right now anyhow. Better yet, sign up and become a part of MediaRevolt.org.
I mean, if you want to, sure, give here. Michael will pass it along to a cause he believes in, like MediaRevolt.org - the platform Michael started to show that a social media site could be tracker and big brother free, that culminates the best of independent journalism, not censor it and promote corporate narrative, the way big social networks do.
Michael is currently working on a book, starting a Christian Socialist church, and MediaRevolt.org. He occasionally still writes an op-ed or article. He stopped podcasting because frankly, he doesn't want to be associated with people who fundraise for podcasting then don't give anything back or do any actual work. Talk is important. Talk is good. But talk isn't action.
So, don't give to this thing. Go give to somebody fundraising to stay alive. Give to a sex worker transitioning off the streets and into cam shows. Give to an activists bail fund. And if you're hell bent on helping fund Michael's work, that work will do its own fundraising so you know exactly what you're giving to.
Heck of a Patreon plea, huh?  If you REALLY want to use Patreon and give to Michael's work here, here is the promise, I, Michael will make you. Every penny I collect will go towards a project I'm working on that serves people. That's my calling. Yes, I've bills like everybody else, and often don't know how I'm going to stay afloat like everybody else, but my calling is in service to others. I don't want to be part of the problem, grifting people for money, that could actually change and save lives. Hopefully my work WILL change and save lives, but we'll talk about what we're doing on a project by project case. Frankly, I set this thing up a long time ago and forgot about it, and when remembered, didn't feel very good about it.
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I believe that with $5k a month in outside funding I can sustain MediaRevolt.org and start a national, 501(c)3 Christian Socialist church movement and sustain it too. If you want to use this to do that, I will thank you, despite all of my pleas to just give to actual causes. I will be beyond grateful. But the sentiment of everything else on this page stands.
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