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Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy my tales of a world of dark sorcery and an age of sharpened bronze.
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Every month, you will get the ebook versions of the Wayfarings of Sabit, in both epub and Amazon Kindle format. Each story will be comprised of the serialized flash fiction released the previous month. For example, at the beginning of December, you'll get the complete ebook made up of all the serialized chapters released in November.
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Every month, you will get the ebook versions of the Wayfarings of Sabit, and a tale of Oshala the Hex. You'll get both stories in both epub and Amazon Kindle format.




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About Michael S. Miller

Hi, I'm Michael S. Miller. In the past, I have designed and published role-playing games, like With Great Power and Serial Homicide Unit. These days, I write sword and sorcery fiction—tales of adventure and daring filled with dark sorcery, pulse-pounding action, the lush spectacle of things that ought not be, and the thrilling flash of sharpened bronze. I draw inspiration from writers like Tanith Lee, Ursula Le Guin, and Robert E. Howard.

I am currently working on two series of sword and sorcery fiction, mainly short stories. The first series features Oshala the Hex, a scrappy and tricky sorceress who faces down eldritch powers for her own purposes.

The second series is the Wayfarings of Sabit, featuring a mighty spearwoman making her way in a world full of threats both mundane and bizarre.

My goal is to publish one short story every month for each series, although I rarely achieve that goal. I release the Oshala stories as complete ebook files.

The Sabit stories are structured as a collection of flash fiction stories, two hundred to five hundred words each. I post one of them each Monday and Thursday on several social media sites. Each series of the Sabit flash fiction stories form a single short story with a beginning, middle, and end. I like stories that have closure.

You can follow Sabit's stories on:
For your monthly pledge, you can get professional-grade ebooks of my stories. You can also help out by reading my stories, posting reviews, or sharing your opinion with others.

Thanks for reading. Keep that spirit of adventure burning bright.

You can always find me at ipressgames.com
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