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About Michelle Ellyse

Hi there!

My name is Michelle and I am a full time model, with part time ambitions! When I first started my Youtube videos I had a goal of giving people advice on things that have made my life better and/or easier. I'm also a teacher at a modeling school and would love to spread the modeling advice online to people who are just starting out in the industry and are trying to navigate the complex entertainment world. 

I'm ready to take the next step with my content, but I can't do it without your help. I have not been able to put my full force into creating content, but with your help I will be able to do just that. I would love to make my videos better and release them more frequently.

If you'd like to support me in this effort, please consider signing up for a pledge from the selection on the right. I have tiers for every level and type of supporter! If you would like to support my modeling career consider signing up for monthly one of a kind polaroids and live videos of my photoshoots! If you'd like to support my Youtube consider gaining access to all bts and outtakes as well as livestream Q&A. If you want to be my BFF consider signing up for the lucrative number one fan spot! 

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