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I am asking for your support.

I am asking you to take time out of your day, your life, yourself—to see me, to see my dreams, and want to be a part of that. Yes, there's money involved. But what it represents is your support, both financially and emotionally. On the surface, being a patron is about giving me as a writer money to meet my personal financial goals. But at the heart of the issue—it's about support, and that is a beautiful thing.

I am many things, but most importantly: I am an author. Not a traditionally published, New York Times Best Selling kind yet, but we all start somewhere.

I couldn't do it without friends, family, or strangers on the internet reminding me that I'm totally capable and awesome.

My list of completed and partial stories range from dark fantasy (my favorite genre), to science fiction, zombie slap-stick comedy (it's a thing), supernatural romance and transient food epics (#pizzamancer). I love writing strong female lead characters, love stories that defy death and logic, and more than few zombie stories.

Sometimes I need a reminder that I have done this before, that I've accumulated over 250,000 words across a dozen stories, and that I can keep doing it.

And sometimes that takes someone showing an interest in me and my life—just like you're doing now. It's a kind reminder of who I'm writing for. You and me. Time and space (Whovians can finish that quote for me).

I want to write stories that help people; that make people hope for love, hope for life, hope for the chance to pick up a sword and cut down a demon that slithers into their bedroom. I want to help, whether it's a young girl reading a book when she found out her father was terminally ill, or a casual read on the bus while you're dealing with divorce. I want you to know that pain is shared; and my characters, my stories, are a direct result of pain.

I write to escape; you may read to escape. We can meet somewhere in the middle.

And I want your help to continue to do that.
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In return, once a month (or more!), I'll post a character interview [or interrogation, depending on the story].
I'll open my Patreon Activity Feed and allow patrons to help decide the questions you want answered. I'll try and keep it between 3-5 detailed answers.
What I'll be spending the money on monthly: This covers my website hosting and my email.
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