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is creating Pastel pencils, soft pastels, colored pencils and watercolor

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1 full pdf tutorial with lots of follow along pictures and easy to follow instructions.

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You will be able to chat with me and ask questions about this painting or general art questions.

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Welcome to my Patreon channel and thank you so much for coming.

I love color it is my favorite part of a painting. Being able to take a subject and infuse my creative vision into it with the use of dynamic vivid color just brightens up my day. I want it to brighten up yours too!

Color can bring a fun aspect to an otherwise ordinary piece. For instance, you can take an animal and give it a whole new personality with the use of color.

Take my orangutan for example. It won the prize in the ape hero contest. It was imaginative and playful yet soulful, just look into those eyes.

It still very much resembles an orangutan but I put my personality into this painting with the use of bright colors.

Would you like to learn to use color in a fun way?

I understand color can be a bit scary and knowing how to use it creatively in your painting can be challenging.

That is just what my patreon page is about.

I want to teach you how to paint and to learn to see color in the ordinary.

Working with dynamic vivid color is fun once you understand how to pick colors based on value and how to use that value to make a unique painting.

People often tell me they love my work and my use of color but there is no way they could do that. They just don't know how to think about color in that way. Many times they don't know what colors to pick and how to go about starting a piece with such bright colors.

If this sounds like you I am here to tell you that I can teach you how to work with vivid colors and make a great painting.

I can even show you how to mock up a photo in a way that will give you a color roadmap for you to use as a reference. 

What you can look forward to

I will start by putting out a monthly detailed PDF tutorial that you can download and even print if you like.

It will include lots of images for you to follow along and plenty of easy to follow instruction. If you have any questions I will be available to answer your questions.

We will also cover other important art topics along the way, like how to use light and shadow, warm and cool colors to make your images pop and more.

If there is something you would like me to cover or you have a specific question just ask and I will do my best to cover that topic.

I will even have a level of support where you can send a pic of your painting in and ask for help with a specific thing. We can do this via email. I will encourage and help you achieve your goals.

Your Support

Your support means the world to me. It's wonderful to have you support me in my goals of being a full-time artist and I will support you in your efforts to do your art.

I will explain what I do and how I do it along the way.

I will provide you with the linework for each painting along with the original photo and the colormap image for you to use.

I will show you what colors I am using and explain how you can think about color so you can choose your own supplies and work with confidence.

I will be available to answer your questions and help you grow in your artistic journey.

I like to experiment and try new things which I will be happy to also share with you.

Art is a journey of learning and we all make mistakes and you will be there for those too. I am not afraid to share my mistakes and how I deal with them. I want you to know we all make mistakes and that too is part of learning.

Embrace the process!

My goals

My goals are to buy a good video camera so I can record videos and share some real-time painting with you.

Your support will also go towards purchasing art supplies to continue to teach and to also try new products to introduce you to and use in our projects.

Thank you to all who come to support and share this amazing art adventure together.

I look forward to sharing what I know with you and watching your art come to life.


Important info

Patreon charges you on the day you pledge and then on the first of the month each month.

$0 of $500 per new creation
My goal is to get a camera and editing software to video my painting process to share how to's with you in real time.
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