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Hi everyone - my name is Michelle and I've been creating art all my life. I've worked in a variety of mediums including digital and traditional. It's enough to say that creating art is a big part of who I am - and how I communicate with people. 


Currently, I've moved out and live with my partner. I'm thankful to have a supportive partner who encourages me to create art, although I'd like to be able to contribute towards food and supplies. Unfortunately we live in Metro Vancouver BC Canada, which is known to have a high cost of living. We aren't able to move elsewhere, as our day jobs are tied to this area. So instead of moping about - we're hoping to turn my passion for art into a stable trickle of income that would help alleviate a lot of our day to day stresses!


Let's talk about you! What do you get from supporting me on Patreon? Well, not only will you be supporting my endeavours, but also receiving some great perks! 

Every week, I will be posting WIPs, sketches, and traditional/digital paintings. If we reach another tier, I'd be able to record videos and tutorials about my workflow and provide tips and advice to aspiring artists and creators. Some day I would like to post advice to creators & makers about starting their own business - I run a small business in the day time, and have learned a lot of valuable advice that I'd like to pass on. Likewise, with my schedule permitting, I would like to create a series of art that reflects the natural environment, our world, and our place in society. I studied environmental studies in university and would like to use art as a medium to communicate the pressing need for climate change action.

But until then, I would be thrilled to share with you my art!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts

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