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About Michiko Yumi

About Michiko Yumi

I am a freelance artist trying to take my own stride into the art world. I've been driven by the motivation to make compelling characters and story to appeal to my audience. This motivation helps me develop new characters, their story, and gives me a desire to make my dream a reality. In the next few years, I plan on pursuing art as a hobby instead of a full-time job, and I am urging myself to work on my upcoming game.

I'm going to be taking up a full-time education at a local college and transfer over to Full Sail University where I can take the first step into my new life. At Full Sail I strive to acquire the necessary skills in developing a game, like coding, character design, and world building. With this new found knowledge my objective is to create my first game and collaborate with a company to gain information about the business aspect of the game design world. I then believe myself to go on to self-publish games and establish a new found game company that manufactures some of the world's most beloved games.

On my Patreon I plan to give you all exclusive content that you cannot find anywhere on my other social medias as well as content you get to see before it hits Instagram or YouTube! Not to mention my tiers on here will be synced with my discord so you can get special rewards for Twitch, YouTube, etc. All tiers are named after my original characters! I also plan to give a FREE copy of my game when it comes out to anyone who tiers for up to a year or buys any of my >$10 tiers! Updates will be given on the making of my game, until then I can't tell you much!

Other than that I have my alternative social medias where you can follow. Even my Twitch and YouTube if you want to see me live-stream some games or watch some speed paints I do. Please consider giving each and every one a follow and stay active with the community, it really helps a lot with my viewer-base.

My Social Medias

I hope all of you reading have a good day, and enjoy the life!

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Travis is the First Tier!

In the Travis Tier you will receive:

  • The Monthly Reward.
  • Sketches that have never seen the web.
  • Art Before It Hits Instagram and YouTube.
  • A Role In My Discord.
  • Updates on Upcoming Game!
  • Name Mention on YouTube for Patrons!

Only in Travis Tier:

  • FREE Profile Picture Commission!
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Deseray is the Second Tier!

In the Deseray Tier you will receive:

  • Everything in the Travis tier.
  • NSFW viewing!
  • Free Profile Pic Commission.

Only in the Deseray Tier:

  • FREE Bust Commission!
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Kyle is the Third Tier!

In the Kyle Tier you will receive:

  • Everything in the previous tiers.
  • FREE COPY OF GAME when it hits the web!
  • FREE 1-Month sub on Twitch!

Only in the Kyle Tier:

  • FREE Thigh Commission!
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Nate is the Fourth Tier!

In the Nate Tier you will receive:

  • Everything in the previous tiers.
  • Friend Request of Social Medias!
  • Exclusive Shout Out!

Only in the Nate Tier:

  • FREE Full-Body Commission!
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Trent is the Fifth Tier!

In the Trent Tier you will receive:

  • Everything in the previous tiers.
  • Can talk to me while streaming!
  • Be the first to join queues for games I'm streaming!
  • FREE 2-Month Sub on Twitch!

Only in the Trent Tier:

  • FREE Full-Body Commission!
  • FREE Bust Commission!
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Samuel is the Sixth Tier!

In the Samuel Tier you will receive:

  • Everything in the previous tiers.
  • FREE 6-Month Sub on Twitch!
  • Exclusively Shout Out where to find you on social media!
  • Chance to be a voice actor for my game!

Only in the Samuel Tier:

  • 2 FREE Thigh Commission
  • FREE Full Body Commission
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Wynn is the LAST and FINAL tier!

In the Wynn Tier you will receive:

  • Everything in the previous tiers.
  • FREE 1-Year sub!
  • FREE DLC I make for my games!
  • EXCLUSIVE Beta Tester for every game I put out!

Only in the Samuel Tier:

  • 4 FREE Full Body Commissions
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When I get 50 patrons, I will make a video of behind the scenes footage of my game and start streaming my coding and drawing process for my game. I will also open a Skill Share for tutorials on how I draw and how to use certain programs.
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