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Playing music for kids is definitely a fun job and a huge responsibility.
Even with the familiarity that has come with the ten thousand or so hours I've put in, most days it's more than just a job,
It's a mission to keep kids inspired and rooted in songs filled with the reality of words, music, dancing and singing .
Problem is, I feel kids are spending entirely too much time on screens.
So I asked myself:
..and of course, I'd like them to keep listening to my tunes.
But rather than create flashy, exciting music videos to keep kids glued to the screen, I'm setting out to create inspiring videos of chilren drawing, doing art, performing dances.
Simple. Hokey. Just captivating enough to make them want to stop watching and start doing.
Videos that will spur kids on to demand their own drawing materials, or get them up and dancing or singing.
-Not just sitting and staring like drones being drained of their life force by the screen.
My idea is Inspiration over Stimulation equals Illumination and positive self awareness which is the gateway to all creativity.
Too much frivoloujs stimulus can be life negating and IS NOT the stuff childhood is supposed to be about.
In case you feel the same way and would like to see more Micky Farkas Originals videos please do lend your support and thank you for believing in my music.

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