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MicroShiner is a platform cooperative for producers and marketers focused on promoting craft spirits.

We are on a mission to reimagine how people and producers interact. We make it our business to introduce consumers to small, independent producers who share their values and help them obtain their products directly, without costly intermediaries.

Through story, image, and sound, MicroShiner promotes craft spirits and other small batch products. Our platform is your platform, the place where craft takes center stage, free from the noise, competition, and massive advertising spends of mainstream commodity brands.

But maintaining a platform and creating media worthy of the term craft takes resources - money to pay for writers, editors, content creators, publishing channels. For years, that money came in the form of advertising, the economic engine of media. But in today's market, advertising dollars are swallowed up by Google and Facebook. In an environment like that, where does the funding for a content-driven marketplace like MicroShiner come from?

It comes from you.

So if you are producer of quality craft products and want to get your brand in front of thousands of enthusiastic craft consumers, start by supporting MicroShiner on Patreon today!
$18 of $500 per month
Building a platform dedicated to craft production and small batch lifestyle is a full time job. A really rewarding one for sure, but we still have to keep the lights on.

Reaching our first goal of $500/month will allow us to maintain the website and social media presence of MicroShiner while developing our community and creating the framework for our various media channels.
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