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The era of home computers is amazingly rich in content and untold stories. I founded the label Microzeit to publish retrospective books and articles with digital themes. These are complexly designed, narrative books that contain a lot of exclusive photography and pixel art.

With the help of a great community a creative book series on Atari computers and consoles has been finished already. These books tell the story of a digital underground where I took my first creative steps in life. I have learned a lot from this works. As a journalist with years of experience in monthly magazine writing in Germany it became my dream to realize such a series production. Since I am also a graduate designer and work with a professional layout specialist, I can bring a lot of knowledge to my projects. >> Visit Microzeit Publishing

However, I am not bound to a certain system and want to write about many topics in the digital world. You are welcome to submit your ideas here!

Language is the key to a good narrative. Professional book creation is expensive and employees have to be paid: designer, proofreader, translator – good books need good resources. The crowdfunding alone is often too limited. With your support I would like to increase the level of language quality above all. My books are written in my mother tongue German and have to be translated. 

As a self-publisher I must take care of worldwide distribution. This is a big task that takes up a lot of time. I would be very pleased about your five cents. Every bit means a lot to me. Your contribution brings more security to the whole publishing process.
In the end, you are the one who benefits from books that no other publisher in the world would risk. That’s my mission.

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Hurray! A professional proofreader is hired to help me check and improve the quality of the English language. In addition, another merchandising product for the Microzeit Store will be created on the basis of a survey with you.
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