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Through this site I'll be unveiling my theory that describes what I believe to be the exclusive role of the phenomenon of the feedback loop in provoking and promoting Autism.

I believe that this condition can be clearly evidenced to be a disorder of stress-fueled and co-reinforcing vicious and virtuous cycles whose components are all the known associated symptomatic traits; which themselves arise initially as a response to external stressors (which can still further promote them); but whose implementation promotes even more stress, thus making them seem more "necessary" to the afflicted individual (a feedback loop).

Apart from this, I'll share with you what in my view is the true nature of the phenomenon of the feedback loop itself. I believe the evidence I see indicates that the feedback loop is the fundamental unit of all Reality. Meaning, infinite sets of interconnected circuits of cause and effect amplify and decay each other's cycles, such that as they reach their ever-fluctuating respective equilibriums they shape the content we may perceive as "Reality" (think of how Ones feeding into Zeroes, and vice versa, brings you the internet). I'll try to make a case for it seperately, as best I can.

You as the reader are entitled to any skepticism you might bring to the table - 100%. In fact, I suggest you take nothing here at face value. I'm not to be simply "believed" on the matters I'll be presenting here. I invite you to inspect the evidence that I present to you and consult with others where you have questions.

I would like for you to please take the time to carefully inspect the tautology of my arguments in relation to Autism. I ask in earnest that you not reflexively dismiss them. That would be as bad as believing it outright, and if I'm correct, much worse.

With that said, please be aware that I am NOT a scientist. And I'm NOT a doctor either. Do NOT for any reason discontinue any medication that may have been prescribed to you, on the basis of anything you read here (it might be dangerous; you're not the exception).

Truth be told, I'm also NOT a professional researcher. What I am is a layman who's studied the phenomenon of the feedback loop as a personal passion for some time now, and incidentally -- in late 2017 -- discovered its potential relationship to Autism. Given the importance of what I think I know (if I am correct), I feel a great responsibility to share this information with others as best I can, despite my lack of formal credentials.

Through the articles that I post here I'll be describing how I believe the feedback loop of Autism is structured and how it operates; along with how it comes about and goes away. As I mentioned at the outset, my view is that this condition functions as a combination of vicious and virtuous cycles (types of feedback loops) that I believe any one person can enter into and exit according to the feedbacks they might find themselves exposed to. Moreover, my theory posits that the feedback loop phenomenon of Schismogenesis is at play here, such that parents of Autistic children themselves are made sick by this process in their own way. 

Although the idea of Autism being a feedback loop came to me through my exploration of the feedback loop as its own phenomenon (after examining it's role in promoting depression), many of the concepts I'll be presenting here and which support my view are actually well studied, lab tested and well accepted science that long predates my efforts. Aside from depression, the feedback loop is a phenomenon known to play at least a major role in several major disorders that affect the mind, including hyper-vigilance, anxiety, PTSD, schizophrenia, etc. Thus, a relationship between the feedback loop and the Mind is in no way novel on its own, and there's a sound basis for the potential association.

I ask you all for your support in bringing you this information, which I know to be correct. Your donations will help spare me the time needed for me to accomplish my goal of proving this to you.

Thank you all for your continued support.

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My initial goal is to cross a threshold of credibility with you whereby we can later on more confidently explore together several topics I suspect might be of mutual interest, such as the development of personality; human intelligence; Artificial Intelligence; and Complex Loops (the process by which systems with discrete rules reach equilibrium). To that end, I offer you my unified theory of mental illness - which I've termed Six-Factor Syndrome (6FS). 

6FS posits that Psychopathy (1), Schizophrenia (2), Autism (3), and Bi-Polar Disorder (4):

  • Fall along a single spectrum in the shape of a loop that runs parallel to Narcissistic Personality Disorder (5), within a Dissociative Disorder (6) framework
  • Are environmentally-dependent, discretely expressed, complementary, and co-reinforcing cyclical mental states of varying intensity
  • When apparent: Are the product of environmental factors that trigger a context-dependent reflexive response
  • Are spawned primarily through child rearing strategies that unwittingly emulate narcissistic parenting styles, or which are in fact narcissistic in nature
  • Are universal adaptive modes of thinking; whose timing and intensity of expression are responses to perceived environmental pressures; but which may become over-stimulated and arrhythmic to changes in the environments in which they occur, and thus become more apparent
  • In their problematic forms: Are preventable, highly treatable, and likely "curable" (persistently remaining outside visible range of spectrum) through 'anchoring' and 'traction'-gaining strategies

Over the coming weeks, as time permits, I'll be deconstructing these six mental states and their modifiers - along with ADHD and OCD - and describing their underpinnings and functions, and the myriad ways in which they relate to and interact with one another. We'll explore the reasons why they're currently so difficult to properly diagnose, let alone treat when they become overexpressed; and clear up many of the common misconceptions that exist around them (in particular narcissism and psychopathy). 

First on the list will be Autism.

Together we're going to examine its cause and progression from infancy into adulthood; the role that empathy plays in its development; its dozens of symptoms, how they come about, and their expression; and the perceptual existence of the persons behind the Autism curtain, so to speak.  

We'll also discuss a variety of practical methods and means by which a person so inclined could overcome the worst aspects of Autism, while retaining its many positive attributes.
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