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About MidnightHuntingWolf

About the Artist

Hey! My name is Alex, I'm a traditional and digital artist who enjoys drawing cute toon and realistic animals alongside with spooky macabre pieces. I have a love for learning, experimenting and a determination to accomplish my goals. Art has always seem like a journey and one that never ends, and it's different for every artist, so I would be happy to have you come along on mine as I show you my adventures of creating artwork and other art related content.

Why use Patreon?

Patreon seems like a good way for me to build a source of income that isn't a just part time or full time job while also giving back to those who support my work and content. This helps me continue creating content you guys love while also exploring other ideas such as concepts for more illustrations, comics, and who know’s what else I might try later down the line. So I can create content, pay bills, and even upgrade equipment to produce more content. Upgrading equipments, such as going from a laptop, who screeches in pain and graphic card's has a stroke, to a desktop computer that can allow me to live stream artwork, try 3D modeling and coding.

Personal Projects

I have a lot of projects idea I want to pump out outside of illustration pieces I make. I want to make a children's book at some point in my life, more webcomics to share with the world, try my hand at game creation or even a web series.
Supporting me through patreon helps me create more content like Cold Cases, which is my webcomic on webtoons. This in turns gets you guys more comic series and who knows maybe even stuff outside of illustrative work. I do enjoy trying other mediums when given the chance to!

What you get by supporting?

Well of course, you'll get acess Patreon exclusive content which is stuff that'll mostly only be posted on here. You will have access to thumbnail/concept sketches, early access to posts, never posted artwork, full views of WIPs, high resolution images, recordings of my digital work, and my thought process of going about making comics and pieces. If you're feeling really ambitious, supporting with the higher tiers allows you to commission me to do an illustration for you. You'll get a digital punchcard so every month you support me with the $25 or $50 tiers will be tracked, depending on whenever you like you can commission me for some art. For example; if you subscribe for a $25 tier for 4 months, you can commission me for a $100 rendered commission or a few sketches/smaller drawings that total that amount.
My long term goal is making a living off of my content, like most artists want to do, but I also have bigger goals and dreams that are outside of art that I hope to achieve such as wanting to make a positive impact in the world and help others.

Can't support me on Patreon? That's okay, you can help me out by sharing my content with others! I appreciate all kinds of support such as commenting, sharing and liking. You can find me on social medias such as TwitterInstagram, and Furaffinity
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 32 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 32 exclusive posts
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