Midnight Steak

is creating podcasts about cheap cooking and how dumb people are.
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About Midnight Steak

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We are just 3 college living guys that decided to put together a podcast to help you all get through your days, exams, work drives, etc with some comedy.

The name, Midnight Steak, came about because of:
  • Tiny Meat Gang and their inspiration
  • we would always be down to be cooking steaks or any food late at night with. 
  • With cooking we'd always be getting some kind of deal, and having a great time, which is honestly the greatest thing when you're in college. 

Any support or patrons we may earn, we are gonna thank you all in advance, anything would mean the world to us. We really just started this Pod for fun and to get our thoughts out onto something concrete, and we hope that you all enjoy us sharing those thoughts with you all.

Good luck and good thanks,
Midnight Steak Pods
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We will create a recipe doc for each meal we eat before our Pods. I'll attach the recipe onto the weeks episode. They'll be affordable and honestly the best food you've ever had. At least by college standards.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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