is creating illustration, comics and animation
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About Midreky

Hello, hello!

My name is Diana but on the internet I am known as Midreky! I make illustration, comics and animation and this is my Patreon page where you can get access to the behind the scenes!

I have just finished my Master Degree and I am now slowly returning to making more work and have a lot in my list of plans for 2019 specially regarding comics! If you choose to support me you can see the process of those first hand as well as be able to see my monthly sketches, get a monthly print sent to you! There will also be exclusive illustration work and you get to see the little animation spinets I will be working on! 

All in all, this Patreon page is a work in progress and might suffer changes as time goes by but it will be a big help on my journey to become self sufficient through my own artist work. 

Hope you decide to stay around and check out what I got to offer! 
If not, thank you for taking the time to look at my page and please check out my other social medias where I do got content for free! 

$0 of $500 per month
When this goal gets reached I can more or less fully support myself out of my art! It also means I can dedicate my full attention to making content for you guys! It can also mean coming up with new merch I could make!

I have always wanted to try Enamel Pins and this would most likely help me be able to venture into that!
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