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About MIGHTYmapper123

About me

Hello guys , my name is Sam . I'm also known as MIGHTYmapper123.
I am 25 years old and have a YouTube channel of around 41000 subscribers.
I love to create Maps ,mods and videos and upload them for your viewing pleasure . ~
I enjoy playing all sorts of games ( that mainly come with cool map editors). The reason I love the map editors are because I've always had such a passion to create stories about all kinds of Eras and subjects, some historical and some fantasy. War stories have always been one of my favourites, so most of my videos are focused mainly on epic style battles with a lot of RPG elements. 

I have been creating YouTube videos now for about 3 years.
My Army men of war series has got me a lot of attention lately gaining over 8 million views across the whole series so far. That's absolutely insane! 
This enabled me to want to fulfil one of my dreams of bringing my own gaming and modding community together on a Discord channel right here https://discord.gg/QM6Zgb5

Why I created this Patreon?

 It would be nice to be able to do YouTube as a full time job and just go crazy with my imagination. So with your support , It would not only give me more time to create more content ,but also it will be better quality and more entertaining videos for you to watch. AND it's just an awesome way to show your support for what I do. Be it you are already a member of the MIGHTY Nation or not. I will give rewards for Patrons such as shout-outs , characters in my series , VIP membership on my discord and even exclusive access to some of my mods and maps !

So if you do become a Patron I just wanted to give you a HUGE Thank you as your support means the world to me !

Disclaimer (PLEASE READ)

Copyright Policy 

If you become a Patreon, you automatically agree that you are doing so as a freely given donation to help support MIGHTYmapper123 financially. Any contributions through Games, roleplay , polls or anything associated with MIGHTYmapper123 and/or his Youtube channel may be used as literal or reference by himself or his team without the need from permission from the creator. 
The Mods used in my maps are from all variety of Background. Most of them can already be found in the public domain but the mods used by MIGHTYmapper123 are a mix of all different mods made by different creators. I must include the content within these mods so that my Patreons and/or Anyone with access to the downloads can load my maps in game.  (They won't work otherwise)
Full credits to the mods used are written in the Mod.info files included in the MIGHTY Toy box folder. Nothing is used or given without credit to the developers/owners. The Payment received monthly as stated is a willing donation to help support MIGHTYmapper123 and the Reward tiers are given as a thank you. Please do not Patreon me just to gain access to the Maps and mods in my folders as that is not what this Patreon is about.

Thank You XD

44% complete
I can near enough do what I love as a job.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
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