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About mika-hime

creativity is the byproduct of not trying so hard. ❞
— jennifer yuh nelson

► who am i? 
my name's viktoria. i'm an IT student now done my second-to-final year and i do art and amv editing as a hobby. 
it is that kind of unrealistic dream of mine to create a comic or story one day and to influence people in all kind of possible ways. if you want to support me on that journey, you can now! :3

► rewards
actually i always disliked the thought of tricking people into giving me money with "look you get this and that!!", because really, most of this stuff that I reward isn't that special and I'd do for / with most people if they ask nicely or are somewhat close to me. 

if you're a patron, no matter if you give me $1 or $20, you can literally just come and ask me what you want as a reward, and i'll most likely do it; of course people who pay more money will be prefered. 
rewards will be done after the monthly payment on the 5th of each month!

► a few disclaimers  
⤷ i will keep the right to deny any patron's wish if i feel it's inappropriate or not worth the money i get from them. it's hard to rank things like a skype call with me, because i don't think talking to me is something that you should have to pay for.
⤷ i am allowed to block you / ignore you if you annoy me on skype / any other platform we interact with each other. even though you give me money i don't have to do everything you want.
⤷ if i keep to not get the point of rewards, i'll remove specific rewards and make you choose what you personally want, as long as it's still somehow in the range of the money you pay