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About Zekim

Who am I?
I'm Mike "Zekim" Zebrowski.  I have been writing free software game-aids for tabletop games as a hobby for years.  Most recently, I have been working with AdAstra Games on several software game-aids for their games, such as the AVID Assistant 2 and SpaceShipPDF.

Current List of Projects

While I have been writing game-aids for years, only a few of them are currently available.  Many of the games that I wrote game-aids for are now out-of-print, so their game-aids have been removed from the internet.  Below is the list of currently available projects.

AVID Assistant 2
A game aid for the AVID-based games produced by Ad Astra Games. Currently supports Squadron Strike and has a "generic game" mode.  Support for Attack Vector:Tactical is next on the list.
Note: Access to "beta" version is for Web-Versions only and not app store versions (Android and iOS)

SpaceShipPDF (under development, not yet released)
Generates professional SDDs for the game Squadron Strike from the XML generated by the Squadron Strike Ship Builder Spreadsheet.  This replaces an existing bit of software I wrote called SSPDF as support for other games, such as Attack Vector:Tactical,  is planned for the future.

Arc Trainer
An online training tool to learn how to quickly determine bearings for the AVID-based games produced by Ad Astra Games.

Shadowrun V5 Dice roller
A small dice roller app for Shadowrun fifth edition. The number of dice to rolled is entered in a calculator-like manner, which really speeds up rolling the huge number of dice. Displays the number of hits as well as the sum of all the dice. Supports Glitch and Edge rules.

Why the Patreon?
I have had many folks offer to buy me a drink as thanks for my efforts. So here is chance to buy me a virtual drink. :)

Writing software takes time and effort. At certain points of the software lifecycle, a software project becomes more like work than a fun hobby. It is at these points that many projects become abandoned and where encouragement from the community that uses the software is most important. Your patronage will help be that encouragement for my projects.

What is the money going towards?
Mostly snacks and drinks to consume while programming. Some of it will also go to purchasing licenses and new hardware as needed.

What is a "Zekim"?
It is Mike Z spelled backwards.

33% complete
Interceptor Weapon Support
If I hit this goal, I'll move adding in support for Interceptor Weapons (in Squadron Strike) to the front of the queue
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