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is creating Everything is Fine, A Horror-Mystery Webtoon
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About Mike Birchall


I'm Mike. I make a webcomic called Everything is Fine.

Weird name. What's it about?

Everything is Fine is the story of Honey and Darling, a seemingly normal couple in a world where everyone is happy all the time and also wearing giant cat heads. It's a horror with a lot of mystery, and is available for free on Webtoons. 

Cool, I'll check it out. So what's this Patreon for? 

I have a lot of this story to tell, and I'd like to be able to tell it faster and better. Every pledge I get on here supports me in that, and hopefully one day I'll be able to tell this story full time. 

Awesome, I'll pledge everything I can! What do I get in return?

Thanks, disembodied voice. In return for your support you'll get access to my exclusive Patron feed featuring sketches, previews of future episodes and best of all, my behind-the-scenes blog where I pick apart details from each episode and explain why I went through that process.

Hopefully it'll be valuable for anyone thinking about making their own comics, or just fans of Everything is Fine who are curious about how the sausage is made. 

Mmm sausages. But how else can I show my undying support for this comic I just found out about? 

Head over to my store!

I'll be releasing Everything is Fine merch as the comic progresses, so you can show all your friends that you love weird webcomics and, by extension, are a super cool person.

Whoa, I am a super cool person! I'll order some merch right now. What else have you got going on? 

I have two other webtoons that are currently on hiatus:

The Heart of Matter, a comedy / horror about a man named Steven who becomes the assistant to the Lord of Bones, a cosmic god.

Hex Ed, a comedy about two witches navigating the trials and tribulations of a magical university. 

You can find me as @comicsforjerks on Instagram too so come and say hi!

Awesome! Can I get a hug too?

Don't be silly, you're just an imaginary voice to make my Patron page seem quirky. You were never born, will never die, and can never hug. 


Yeah, sorry.
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I'll release an entirely new series in the Everything is Fine world, exclusively for patrons. 
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