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About Mike Freiheit

I'm working on a few comics projects simultaneously, which I also hope to finish this year:

1. A horror romance called WOODS, about a couple that chooses to live off the grid following a demagogue's rise to power.

2. A sequel to my 2017 comic Go Fuck Myself 2: The Fuckening, Go Fuck Myself 3.

3. My bi-weekly comic Strip, Tales of Freelancia, which is published on illustrationage.com
Any little bit helps me with my goals. As well as being a cartoonist, I also pay the bills by doing freelance illustration and teaching comics at an art school here in Chicago. I also co-organize CAKE, the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo with a group of amazing and dedicated organizers, coordinators and volunteers. The more funds I can generate, the more time I can spend on comics.

Thanks for your time and support!!

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If I can hit this mark, I'll definitely be able to finish the book by the end of this year.
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