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About Mike Habjan

I am reluctant to accept donations as I CAN NOT PROMISE that I will keep working on this project on a timely basis, nor did I want to be beholden to anyone who may contribute their hard earned money to this. There are times when all I want to do is work on it, other times when I really don't feel like it, so ONLY DONATE being aware of this. Think of it as LEAVING A TIP for work done, as opposed to FUNDING FUTURE PROJECTS, which I can not guarantee will happen. I may want to just quit at anytime because honestly, making these takes up an extraordinary amount of time and energy.  I will keep you updated on whether or not I am working on them and you just have to believe me or not. ONE TIME DONATIONS are welcome. Just join for a month. I just don't want people feeling ripped off for giving there money and not seeing enough new content.

I have set up this page for anyone interested in donating a dollar or any amount they wish to help fund the project going forward. Donations will be going toward expenses involved in the creation of these videos, such as paying for equipment and sound design work, and monthly expenses in general. Depending on the donations, I may be able to get work done faster as I won't necessarily have to take freelance or studio jobs. I may even consider employing others to help.  As far as rewards go, I'm open to suggestions but keep in mind that creating the videos alone is a lot of work and so I don't really want to dedicate a lot of time to updating this page with progress reports or screen shots or sending out gifts and stuff like that. On top of that I'm not big into sharing 'work in progress' material. But maybe with your suggestions we can come up with some kind of incentive to donate.

About the Superman vs Hulk Project

I have been making the Superman vs Hulk animated videos since around 2010. Originally I had wanted to do one long fight but soon realized it would take way too long so decided I would break them up into installments and post as I go. Currently have parts 1, 2 and 3 on YouTube and in the process of finishing up part 4. I earn a modest revenue from the YouTube views which helps to fund the production of these videos. I have no idea how much longer this project will go (not sure I thought I'd still be even working on it this long) but I imagine it will go to a part 5 and possibly conclude on a part 6. As it is a 3D animated project and I'm aiming for a high production quality it is a very slow and very time consuming project, but it's a project I enjoy working on (most of the time). I have set up this account for anyone with disposable income wanting to donate to the project.


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