Mike McGraw

is creating stories, software, and other somethings
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About Mike McGraw

TLDR; Writin' some stories, doing software stuff, looking for Loonies, etc.

Longer version:
I've got several things on the go, but put this Patreon page up as a tip jar for my creative writing. The stories are interconnected, and will someday form a book, perhaps a quilt, or maybe even a puzzle. Maybe all three.

The Facebook page is here : https://www.facebook.com/thewimselloop/
The Stories, which are working drafts, are here: https://github.com/wimselloop/stories

I am a software developer with an interest in helping kids and youth worldwide learn creative and technical skills, like coding, game design, and digital art. I am at the beginning of this new journey, and excited to get going. Supporting my weird writing habit also supports these other aspirations.

I have attempted crowdfunding before but always got lost somewhat in the details of the reward systems, so this time, I'm going to play it by ear, and ask for pledges of $1 to help bring stories and other related dreams into the world. I would like to involve Patrons in decisions about the stories as well, and that's where I'll leave that, for fear of chasing the magic away with too much math.

- Mike

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