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Donate 5 dollars and I will send you a signed copy of my YoYoExpert professional yo-yoer trading card.
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I'll give you a shout out at the start of my next TodaysThrow vlog!
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We're going to test this one out, so only two are available for now.

Donate $100 and you can request that I make you a tutorial for a yo-yo trick of your choice. That being said, some tricks are insanely hard so I have a few rules:
  • Only 1A Tricks (Standard string tricks)
  • Submit Three (3) tricks that you want tutorials of ordered from most wanted to least wanted.
  • You must provide a video to the trick being performed (YouTube, Instagram, etc)
  • If the trick is just so far out of my scope that there's no freaking way I'll be able to break it down for you in a timely manner, I will use one of your backup tricks starting from most wanted to least wanted.
  • I will need time to learn the trick if I don't know it and film the tutorial for your, turnaround on these will be approximately one month and I will let you know how things are going at least once a week until it's uploaded.




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Hey guys what's up? My name is Michael Montgomery. I am a yo-yoer, vlogger, and let's player from Southwest Idaho, welcome to my Patreon page! If you've found this page through my channel I'm assuming you already know who I am and what I'm about. But if you stumbled across this or you just don't know what I'm doing here, I make videos about my hobby, Yo-Yoing, I make a daily vlog called TodaysThrow, and I also make mobile game let's plays.

If you're here it's probably because one of my videos mentioned my Patreon account and you were thinking about supporting me and my various video projects. At the moment I don't have much to give as far as rewards go. Right now I have my professional yo-yoer trading card which I will sign and send to you for pledging $5.00 per month at your request. Or for $10 per month I will give you a shout out in one of my daily vlogs.

If you've ever watched one of my videos and you got some enjoyment out of it and would like to support that thing you like so you can see more of it faster, please consider becoming a monthly sponsor! Thank you!


P.s., If you have got any ideas for cool perks for me to give in exchange for pledges, please let me know!
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When we hit 2000 per month I will be able to escape the 9-5 and work from home on youtube videos and related projects like updated how to yo-yo video courses and the like.
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