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Postcards from places around the world. Every new country I travel to, you get a postcard from there. Right off the bat, you'll receive a postcard from China, made by a local artist depicting a local scene and stamped in wax with my name in Chinese characters.
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Postcards from the countries I visit plus exclusive live broadcasts from places around the world on Periscope and access to videos on YouTube.




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About MikeTendsToTravel

I am an independent travel blogger and journalist. I've been sharing my journey around the world with others through my blog and social media, offering travel tips and such, so far without the backing of any sponsors - all out of my own pocket. I make money to travel by doing odd jobs here and there, teaching English and taking on volunteer work in exchange for housing and sometimes a meal. If I'm lucky, a job in my field, journalism, comes along, as was the case in China. It's been quite an adventure, one that I've been able to share with thousands of you on social media. With the recent explosion of live streaming, I've been sharing my travels on Periscope and Facebook Live while continuing to post to YouTube. But it gets expensive. SIM cards, phone and data plans, entrance fees to places and other travel costs add up. Money that normally would go to actual travel for airline, bus and train tickets ends up going to live streaming and costs necessary to broadcast the amazing people, places and things to you. So whatever you can give to help with the costs or to buy a train or bus ticket or pay for entrance fees to museums or other points of interest, or just buy a cup of coffee, would be just awesome and truly appreciated.
I also intend to write a book about this world journey and how it came to be (watch the video above for a bit of the story behind it) so you would have a hand in making the book happen (and bragging rights that you helped) :)

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Tell me where to go! I will travel to one of the New 7 Wonders of the World or the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World and bring them to you live on Periscope or Facebook, complete with narration about the history of the place.
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