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is creating a Student Loan Payoff Effort

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Hi, my name is Mike and I have 3 children who have gone to college and one of them is still in college.  Two have completed school recently and one is a senior.  Two have received useful degrees to include a BS in mechanical engineering, and nursing, while the third child is working on her BS in graphic communications.  They are and will all become an important part of the workforce in the US.  The college costs were all from the public schools and add up to just over $ 160K for all 3 students.  I remember when public colleges were not so expensive but has become quite substantial for the past few years with rising costs while pay increases have stalled over the past 10 years.  I am working two jobs and am putting all I can afford toward the parent plus loan.  With your help we can remove this student loan debt.  Please give what you can to help.

Mike the Neighbor

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