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About Mike van Graan

I'm a playwright.  I write satirical revues.  And dramas.  About contemporary, post-apartheid South Africa. But also about global themes.  Like migration.  Climate change.  Inequality.  Big themes but always exploring how these impact on the lives of ordinary people.  To date, I've written 32 plays.  I've been fortunate.  Many of the plays have received excellent reviews, have been nominated for, and won awards.  I've received commissions from festivals and theatres - both local and international - to write new works.  For this, I am extremely grateful.  But to produce the work, takes resources.  To tour these plays around the country, around the African continent and indeed, globally, is costly.  Unlike downloading a song, exporting a book or even watching a movie on-line, touring a play requires flights, accommodation, set transport, fees, etc.  So, I've become a reluctant producer as well, for that is the only way to make sure that the creative works travel.  So that their content catalyses debate, "the other" is humanised, and actors, directors and technicians can earn sustained income.  New entrants are provided with platforms to showcase their talents.  I've been blessed with institutional support.  But it is the generous support of individuals - theatre Angels - people who believe in and love the work I do, that has helped to sustain me, and to support the kind of theatre I do: theatre for thinking audiences.  This is to invite you to join such angels in supporting my work.  (The video above - though a little dated - provides some insight into the satirical work I do).

For more information, see www.mikevangraan.co.za

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